Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary


Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Sarangarh. There are a lot of hilly terrains in the region. Spread over 275 sq km it is one of the ideal destination for the adventure seekers.

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary, Chattisgarh has different varities of wild animals. Some of the common species are different types of dears and buffalos. Tourists visit the place to see wild buffalos who move in flocks and make for a pretty sight. If you are lucky then you can also get a other species like the Nilgiri, Sambars, Gaurs, Barking Deer, Chausinkara, Muntjac, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Dhole or the wild dog and the Jackel.

Photo Gallery

  • Buffalo at Gomarda Sanctuary
    Gomarda Sanctuary
  • Gomarda Abhyaranya Area Map
    Gomarda Abhyaranya Map
  • Gomarda Abhyaranya Entry Gate
    Gomarda Abhyaranya

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airbase is at Raigarh 55 km and Raipur Airport 200 KM from Sarangarh.

By Train

Raigarh is the nearest railway station from Sarangarh.

By Road

Sarangarh is well connected to many of the cities by road. The distance of the sarangar from many cities are Raigarh (55 KM), Bilaspur (110 KM), Raipur (200 KM) and Jharsuguda - Odisha (130 Km).


Many Hotels available at Sarangarh and Raigarh.