Culture & Heritage

Raigarh is known as the ‘Cultural capital of Chhattisgarh’, Raigarh is famous for its dance form “Kathak” (as Raigarh Gharana) and classical music. Credit goes to Maharaja Chakradhar Singh under whose patronage Raigarh flourished as a centre of art and culture. Every year on the occasion of festival Ganesh Puja, Chakradhar Samaroh is organized in Raigarh. Chakradhar Samaroh is among famous cultural festivals of Chhattisgarh known for its special music and dance performances that reflect rich cultural heritage of the state.

Dhokra Work (Bell metal) is speciality of the district. Their are Jharas tribes are practicing Dhokra Work. This involves casting non-ferrous metals such as bell metal, bronze, and brass using lost-wax casting technique.