Silk(Kosa) Industry in Raigarh

The Silk industry is one of the industries that’s currently blooming in Raigarh along with other industries producing iron ore, steel and power in the country. There are two types of silk produced in the Raigarh district; they are Tasar Silk & Malburry Silk. The production of Silk is the main livelihood for some of the villagers in this district and many of them have now started running units for producing Silk sarees and dress materials for export.

The word Kosa is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning silk. This Silk is created by small silk worms when they feed on the mulberry fruit and produce a kind of fine silk. This fine thread is then used to make the famous silk cloth mostly used for sarees. Kosa silk is drawn from the cocoons on the Saja, Arjun and Sal trees. This silk has great recognition for it softness and elegance. Because of its shine, luster and softness Kosa is quite extensively used for manufacturing traditional Indian sarees.

Dhokra Work (Bell metal)

Dhokra Work (Bell metal) is speciality of the district. Their are Jharas tribes are practicing Dhokra Work. This involves casting non-ferrous metals such as bell metal, bronze, and brass using lost-wax casting technique.